by Kasondra Rose

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I wrote a lullabye song for my nephew as a Christmas present, and thought you all might enjoy it as well!


I wanted to sing you a lullabye, but what would I sing?
of lovers hand in hand?
or waves against the sand?
the way the planets turn?
the fear of being hurt?
a melody of perfection?
or of my lessons learned?

How could I ever explain:
the cold of steel?
the weight of what you'll feel
in life, of death, for dreams?
the visits from grief?
all the shades of blue?
all the potential in you?
climbing up a tree?
flying on trapeze?
falling to the ground?
getting up when you are down?

I'll never find all the words that name:
the silence of a snowfall,
the smell after a rainfall,
or what makes roses so tall,
the aching for a change,
or how you'll make your way,
the tune the songbird sings
or what opens its wings,
what tempts it to the sky
or convinces it to fly.

I wanted to sing you a lullabye, but what would I sing?

There is so much that I want to say, maybe none of it will last a day,
but what I hope will stay with you is all my love for you,
all my love for you.


released December 25, 2013
Production by Jeremy Douglass @ Toy Window Studio
Lyrics and Song by Kasondra Rose



all rights reserved


Kasondra Rose St. Petersburg, Florida

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